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Intellectual Property

Successfully obtaining and protecting intellectual property rights can be the difference between boom and bust for many businesses. Obtaining patents and trademarks can be a complicated business. Knowing the technical aspects of obtaining them and the processes and procedures involved is of vital importance.

The most important action to take, as soon as you believe you have a patentable idea or product or wish to obtain a trademark, is to obtain advice as quickly as possible. Time is of the essence in all areas of legal work but is even more important with regards to intellectual property due to the extremely competitive nature of the marketplace and the technical aspects of the law in this area.

At McHale Muldoon we appreciate the commercial importance of obtaining and then protecting intellectual property. We provide advice to clients on the viability of obtaining intellectual property rights and then how to protect them. We also provide advice to clients if we believe they will or will not be able to obtain a patent or trademark. We pride ourselves on our user-friendly and no-nonsense approach to clients with regards to what they want to achieve.

If you would like to make an enquiry about obtaining intellectual property rights for your business or otherwise, please contact our Dublin office today on 01 659 9405 or email us at