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Partnership and Shareholder Agreements

When forming a partnership it is of vital importance that you instruct a solicitor to draft an agreement. If you do not, legislation implies certain terms of agreement which may not be desirable to your circumstances at all. Entering business by partnership is a large undertaking and taking the time, from the outset, to draft bespoke agreement which provides for all eventualities will prove extremely valuable regarding the practical running of the business as well as if the business breaks down.

Shareholder agreements are important if the shareholder(s) wish to have more rights than those prescribed by legislation. Those prescribed by legislation include changing share capital or amending the articles of association. Where, however, shareholders invest and want more rights, due to the time and/or effort they will put into the company, shareholder agreements can provide for these. For example a shareholder agreement can provide that shareholders have rights regarding the business the company carries on, payment of dividends and levels of borrowing.

At McHale Muldoon we are experienced in advising on and drafting bespoke partnership and shareholder agreements which are commercially focussed and driven towards the particular circumstances of the client.

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