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Defamation is defined as a statement made to third parties about another party which causes them loss or harm. A defamatory statement can be made in writing or orally. The most common defences to a defamation claim is that the statement made was true or made with the mistaken belief that it was true.

In a commercial context, defamatory statements can potentially have a significant impact on a business’ ability to trade and therefore make them lose money. If you believe a party has made a defamatory statement, you may be entitled to seek recovery of all losses you have suffered as a result of the statement.

The most important step to take, if you believe a defamatory statement has been made which effects you, is to obtain legal advice at the earliest opportunity. Early steps will increase your chances of proving your claim.

At McHale Muldoon, we have the expertise to provide you with realistic and commercially sound advice as to what steps to take if a defamatory statement has been made against you or your business.

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