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Intellectual Property Disputes

Protecting and asserting intellectual property rights, such patents and trademarks, can be the difference in a business’ success and failure. For the same reason businesses must tread carefully in order to avoid disputes whilst maintaining their rights.

If you are unsure as to your intellectual property rights or have been accused of infringing somebody else’s, the best and most cost effective way of resolving the dispute is to take legal advice at the earliest opportunity. You will then know your position at law and be able to take a commercial decision based on this.

At McHale Muldoon we have experience in dealing with intellectual property claims and disputes on behalf of a wide variety of businesses in many scenarios. We provide practical, straight-forward and commercial advice as to your position and what options you have in protecting and asserting your intellectual property rights. The Intellectual Property Office provides dispute resolution services which can be more cost effective than going through the Courts. However, where parties are unwilling to cooperate, we have the expertise to take your case to the Courts.

If you are being accused of breaching somebody else’s intellectual property rights, it is important that you respond to this appropriately. Many businesses invest highly in their intellectual property rights and are often highly aggressive in defending them.

As such, they will not hesitate in incurring legal fees which, ultimately, you may be liable for. It is therefore very important to take advice quickly.

Should you have an intellectual property matter which you would like to receive advice on, please contact Dublin office today on 01 659 9405 or email us at