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Accidents and Illnesses at Work

Each year thousands of workers are left with injuries or illnesses as a result of their working conditions. This could be because a colleague has been negligent or an employer has not adhered to the rules relating to an employee’s safety at work. Ultimately however, we should all be able to go to work safe in the knowledge that our employers will do everything they can to protect us from work related accidents and illnesses.

To avoid accidents occurring, your employer must ensure that it’s employees carry out their work in the safest way possible bearing in mind the type of job, the materials and equipment used and the tasks involved. Employers need to ensure that the place, or places, where you work and their premises in general are safe for their staff. They are also responsible for the heating, lighting and ventilation of the workplace and even the car park.

To offer adequate protection from the chance of an accident at work, employers must:

  • undertake regular health and safety assessments and risk assessments of working conditions and equipment and correct any problems
  • ensure that adequate safety measures are in place and being followed
  • provide proper equipment for the job
  • provide safety equipment (personal protective equipment) where necessary
  • provide correct and adequate training for all employees to ensure they can carry out the requirements of their job and use their equipment safely

We have successfully handled claims for our clients where their accidents have involved:

  • Defective machinery or dangerous machinery
  • Slips or trips on debris or dangerous surfaces
  • Injuries involving lifting or manual handling
  • Injuries suffered in the construction industry
  • Exposure to harmful and dangerous substances
  • Employees exposed to violent attacks by patients or customers
  • Vibration white finger
  • Tinnitus, deafness and other hearing problems caused by noise at work
  • Silicosis
  • Occupational Asthma

Even though you may be able to claim compensation for your injury or illness sustained at work, many employees are afraid to do so for fear of losing their job. There are certain protocols to follow which we will do on your behalf.

All employers legally have to be insured in respect of their employees and this is known as Employers Liability Insurance. In most instances we correspond directly with the insurance company and not the employer.

What to do if you have an accident at work?

After you have been involved in an accident you should notify your employer immediately as your company may have an established work accident compensation claim procedure. Your employer is legally required to keep an accident book with a record of all work-related accidents both in case of a compensation claim and to help avoid future workplace accidents.

To successfully make a claim for compensation against your employer you will need evidence to show that there was indeed an accident. This evidence could be in the form of witnesses, ambulance attendance, or a completed accident record book.

In many illness or disease cases the need for completing an accident book is not required because it may be some years after your exposure that your symptoms transpire. It may also be that your employer is no longer trading. We are experts at tracing previous employers and their insurers to ensure your claim can be made successfully.

Accident & Illnesses at Work compensation – what can you claim?

Returning to work after an accident is often stressful. It can be a good idea to keep in touch with colleagues whilst you are injured to make returning back to work after your recovery as smooth as possible.

It’s also very important that after a work accident or injury you don’t rush back to work too quickly. If you go back to work too soon, you may find that you don’t make the full recovery you would if you were resting at home. Making a work accident claim may mean you remain financially stable whilst recovering from your injury and thus prevent the need to return to work too early.

If you have had to leave employment because of your accident or illness, we can provide guidance on how to obtain financial assistance, claim benefits, or even retraining into another career path. We can apply for advance payments of your compensation where possible.

We can help you get the right medical advice, rehabilitation assistance and medical equipment to maximise your recovery and reduce the discomfort caused by your injury.

Additionally we can include the following losses if you have sustained them;

  • past and future loss of earnings
  • loss of pension entitlement
  • past and future private treatment fees
  • medication costs
  • care costs
  • aids and appliances
  • travel expenses
  • costs of retraining for alternative employment if necessary

If you have been involved in an accident at work or found out that your illness is related to your work, within the last 2 years, contact us on 01 01 659 9405 to arrange a discussion.

*In contentious business, a solicitor may not calculate fees or other charges as a percentage or proportion of any award of settlement.