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Powers of Attorney

Handing over powers to another person with regard to your personal affairs is an age old concept going back to Roman times. There are many reasons why it may become difficult for you to manage your own affairs it may be age related or you could live in a different country so physically can’t get to the bank yourself.

The most common situation is ageing couples who have the foresight to realise they may need some help as they grow older. If you lose mental capacity then you cannot give power of attorney. This means it can be an expensive, distressing and lengthy process to go to the Court of Protection and appoint a deputy.

There are two types of Lasting Power of Attorney:

Property and affairs – this is a legal document which allows an attorney to make decisions about paying bills, dealing with banks, collecting benefits etc.

Health and Welfare – this is a legal document which allows an attorney to make decisions on issues such as medical treatment, personal care and physical welfare.

We provide:

  • personal service to identify which power of attorney is right for you
  • practical advice in this sensitive area
  • we manage the process on your behalf from start to finish
  • the benefit of our many years experience in this area

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