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Probate & Estate Administration

When someone dies an executor (or administrator if no valid will) they must obtain the authority to deal with the estate and resolve the administration of the estate. This can be a difficult enough process especially for the newly bereaved.

The executor should summarise the estate as at the time of death, make a declaration for inheritance tax purposes and swear an oath. The executor is then legally responsible for distributing the estate in accordance with the will or if there is no will, in accordance with the rules of Intestacy.

If the estate includes a property and/or items of value you may need a Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration from the court.

We provide:

  • help with obtaining the appropriate Grant or Letter of Administration from the Court
  • advice on how to administer the estate
  • help with administering the estate
  • practical advice in this sensitive area
  • the benefit of our experience in this area

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