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Trusts and Asset Protection

A trust is a legal concept in English law where property is legally owned by one person but held on trust for the benefit of another. For example a grandparent may give a sum of money or a piece of property to be held upon trust for their grandchildren when they reach a certain age.

For a variety of reasons many people wish to transfer their home or other assets from their name into that of another, or change the way in which they hold joint assets. This may have specific advantages but we recommend that you discuss all the relevant issues fully so that you are aware of all the risks and benefits.

We can set up simple pilot trusts, asset protection trusts or advise on the benefits of discretionary trusts.

We provide:

  • an explanation of trusts and how to use them
  • advice on how to use trusts in your will
  • an asset protection trust tailored to your personal circumstances
  • inheritance tax implications for trusts

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