Wills, Trust and Estate Disputes 2017-09-24T14:32:17+00:00

Wills, Trust and Estate Disputes

Contesting a will, trust and estate disputes are increasingly common as family networks become more complex. There are many reasons why a will may be disputed such as someone is claiming that the deceased should have made additional provision for them, the deceased did not have the appropriate mental capacity when they made the Will or someone coerced the deceased into making the Will.

Our probate team in conjunction with the litigation team can help guide you through the process for any disputes in this area.

We provide:

  • practical advice on the legal position surrounding estate disputes
  • we manage the process on your behalf from start to finish
  • a seamless process with our litigation team should this become necessary
  • the benefit of our experience in this area

To find out how we can help your case call our Dublin office today on 01 659 9405 or email us at info@mchalemuldoon.ie.